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Clara Gangutia

San Sebastián, 1952

Clara Gangutia entered the San Fernando Superior School of Fine Arts in Madrid at the age of 16, with Antonio López as professor and Juan Manuel Contreras and Roberto González as study companions. In 1974, the artist received a study pension for the Spanish Academy in Rome, and she won the first prize in the ""Gipuzkoan Paintings"" contest in San Sebastián. In the following years, she will be awarded a scholarship by the Juan March Foundation and the Ministry of Culture. In 1981, she obtained the second medal in the painting competition of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Although she settled permanently in Madrid, the painter from San Sebastian will continue her whole life recreating the landscapes of her hometown.

Clara Gangutia's work can be found in the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Spanish Union of Explosives Collection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Museo d´Arte dello Splendore de Giulianova (Italy), Vitoria Museum, Postal and Telegraphic Museum, Ibercaja Collection, Guipúzcoa Provincial Council, Saldañuela Collection of the Burgos Savings Bank, Madrid Municipal Collection, Collezione Coniugi Teresita and Alfredo Paglione, Euskaltel Collection, Kutxa Foundation Collection and Aranzadi Society of Sciences Collection.

Artist's works

Clara Gangutia | Sin título

Clara Gangutia

Sin título, 2005


75 x 35 cm


Featured works

Manuel Mediavilla | Teresa

Manuel Mediavilla

Teresa, 2020

Bronze and iron

46 x 20 x 20 cm


Carlos Iglesias Faura | Vorágine II

Carlos Iglesias Faura

Vorágine II, 2018


57 x 43 x 21 cm


Gustavo Díaz Sosa | Huérfanos de Babel

Gustavo Díaz Sosa

Huérfanos de Babel, 2020

Mixed media on linen

200 x 200 cm


Marta Aguirre | Garden 06

Marta Aguirre

Garden 06, 2021

Acrylic on canvas

162 x 195 cm


Pablo Maeso | Colors

Pablo Maeso

Colors, 2012


60 x 60 cm


Toya García Senra | Sin título

Toya García Senra

Sin título, 2021

Técnica Mixta sobre madera

60 x 60 cm


Marta Sánchez Luengo | De camino

Marta Sánchez Luengo

De camino, 2013

Bronce, transfer y hierro

25 x 75 x 23 cm


Diego Benéitez | Íntima mirada

Diego Benéitez

Íntima mirada, 2020

Oil on board

80 x 80 cm


José Ramón Lozano | Sin título 003

José Ramón Lozano

Sin título 003, 2021

Acrylic on canvas

116 x 130 cm


Carmen Calvo | Son medallones blancos, negros y plateados

Carmen Calvo

Son medallones blancos, negros y plateados, 2007

Técnica mixta y cristales

62 x 62 cm


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